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  • Confinement Food Packages

    28-day Budhaveg Complete [two meals/day]

    After experiencing one of life’s most challenging and wonderful experience, mothers lose a significant amount of energy and blood, resulting in a weaker body constitution and thus require immediate replenishment. Many women may think that when it comes to confinement means lots of tonic herbs and meat. While they are meant to help, it’s not true that you can only …

  • Condiments

    “CRABBY Roe” Sauce

    You don’t have to give up your favourite crab roe sauce noodles if you have this sauce. Completely vegan and meat free, this jar of flavour delivers the rich umami and texture that you love. Mix with plain noodles, rice, pasta, bean curd, tofu or just spread it on bread. The only limit is your culinary imagination!

    Net Weight : 250G …

  • Confinement Food Packages

    1st Bandhana Time [three-dish meal]

    As we look to reduce our reliance on daily consumption of meat and animal products for various reasons… be it health, nutritional, ethical, environmental or otherwise. When it comes to the confinement diet, meat seems to play a major role for mothers after giving birth especially in Chinese culture. As meat is seen as ‘heat’ for the ‘cold’ mother’s body …