Vegetarian Home-Dining
made simple
Vegetarian Home-Dining
made simple

Why we love to eat?

Let’s start with the all-too-obvious question of: Why do we eat? We eat to keep ourselves alive, but why do we become slaves to our own appetites? Is it because of our bodily hunger?

Imagine right in front of you now, a bowl of hot soup with thin wisps of steam rising from its golden broth. Use the spoon beside to scoop up some soup, breathe in the warm steam and smell the rich earthy fragrance of onions, tomatoes and potatoes. You just had your lunch half an hour ago, but your mouth is again salivating and drawn to this hearty bowl of soup.

Are filling up your hunger or just drawn to the temptation of this bowl of hot soup?

We, humans need fuel – in the form of food – to support our continued existence and, ultimately, to promote our survival. However, many of our modern-day food choices today suggest another answer — one that may threaten our health and the environment. In fact, many times the reason why we eat has less to do with sustenance and more to do with taste.

It's all about perception!

Our body perceives smell and taste when sensory information is passed to the brain. Nerve signals are then sent to our salivary glands, which is why we salivate. This is the first stages of digestion — making you crave for food.

As humans, we make a wide range of food choices every day, we have evolved more taste receptors than animals who stick to one type of food. We tend to like sweet tastes and reject bitterness. Our tastes buds tend to crave for salty and umami taste because sodium is one of the macro-minerals we need to survive. It is a cycle that our body goes through to sustain our survival.

A vegetarian diet is categorized as a personal lifestyle choice. Some do it because of concerns over the environmental impact of eating meat, some do it because they are for animal welfare, some may do it for their personal health benefit. It’s all about one’s perception of you are what you eat!

Why should you give vegetarian a try?

Balanced Vegetarian diet has been proven to help you stay healthier. Vegetarians are less likely to get cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. A vegetarian diet may help with weight management where consumption of foods that are lower in saturated fats and higher in fibre, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other micronutrients.

Even the legendary and strongest humans of all time— the Roman gladiators were said to be vegetarians, as they practice a grain-based and mostly meat-free diet. Besides that, you also contribute to the efforts of reducing your environmental footprints and lessen the sufferings of animals. Livestock rearing for food produces more greenhouse gas than all forms of transport combined. Not only that, but it also uses huge amounts of water and landmass.

Just by eating a vegetarian meal, you are already indefinitely contributing to the conservation and preservation of our environment. Vegetarian and meat-free diets are not just food trends, they bring about positive life-changing effects. Budhaveg encourages you to give it a try.

Budhaveg menu

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