Budhaveg brings together Simplicity, Nutrients and Flavour to create memorable meals for you.

Being good to the earth and mindful of sustainability is important to us.

We would like for you to support our efforts in reducing the use of disposables packaging.

About Us

Our mission here at Budhaveg is to provide nutritious and flavorful food with plant-based ingredients. Our passion is to encourage more Self-Experiences of Vegan and Vegetarian food of different cuisines, with no compromise on taste!

Neuro-Gastronomy begins with our mouth and ends with our brain. Here at Budhaveg, we apply a scientific approach every time we create our menu. The idea is to improve the whole dining experience from the source to the palate.

Budhaveg uses Asian cuisines of different dialects and regions to create memorable meals for you.

The founder of Budhaveg is a passionate believer in the importance of shared meals as it brings people together. After experiencing the joys of cooking firsthand from grandmother, Budhaveg is inspired to bring that same joy and passion in our menu offering using nature’s best spices, ingredients and flavorings.

Influenced by the teachings of Buddhism, Budhaveg believes that each ingredient should be respected for its history, character, and purpose when used in a dish. Our bodies heal from within, not from external factors. We are given the gift of self-healing at birth and we are eventually what we consume.