Budhaveg Have Four Main Menu Categories

01. Omakase Home Dining

Budhaveg invites you to our interactive home dining experience with our host located in Woodlands.

The E.A.T Experience


Enjoy fresh, satisfying and lesser-known homestyle meals at a private home table


Got any questions about the food? Fire away! Our host loves to share the stories behind all creations served


Savour several dishes inspired by rich Asian cultures and heritage in one seating

02. Take Food Home

Food has the power to unite us all. The simple act of sharing a meal is one of the most beautiful ways to show care for one another.

Budhaveg Take Food Home offers nutritious vegan and vegetarian takeaway food. All prepared and cooked with the labour of love, just like how our mothers did for us!

Instant Main Dishes

All [옛날 도시락] “Yennal-dosirak” old-time lunchboxes include [Bap 밥] Budhaveg mixed grain basmati rice, [Kimchi 김치] pickled vegetables of the day and [Banchan 반찬] side dish of the day

03. Jars of Flavour

Budhaveg condiments are inspired by the extensive history of food culture. Cooking emphasises on the harmony of food, from the colour, fragrance, flavour, to its presentation.

We no longer eat to only satisfy our physiological needs, what we consume now carries a deeper social significance. As the saying goes, knowledge comes from learning and wisdom comes from living.

Food today has exceeded its own meaning and has transitioned into a more profound cultural significance. We want our home-made Jars of Flavour to emanate authentic taste and flavour.

Flavours Available

04. T​ake Me Home Vegetarian Confinement Food

You’ve seen it correct, we offer vegetarian confinement meals that are as nutritious as the non-vegetarian meals. Giving birth is a life-changing task, BUDHAVEG meal plans provide complete nutrients to help mothers replenish and recover.

Take Me Home Confinement Food is an efficient and easy way for mothers today to enjoy the benefits of nourishment at ease. Let us worry about the ingredient sourcing, handling of the food while you focus on getting back to your best self. You just need to arrange for your meal pickups to be enjoyed!

Our confinement food packages

(Sanskrit बुद्ध buddha, means "awakened, enlightened", refers to Siddhartha Gautama, founder of Buddhism)
(Sanskrit महात्मा mahatman, means "a great breath, soul")
(Sanskrit बन्धन bandhana, means "a bond")