The twenty-six English alphabets of ABC are the basic English teaching material for most young children

“Di Zi Gui” is from the outline of “The Analects” by Li Yuxiu in the Qing Dynasty. It is divided into five parts, three words under one sentence, two sentences in one rhyme, compiled into “Xun Meng Wen”; later Jia Cunren revised and adapted it into ” Standards for Being a Good student and Child ” with 360 sentences and 1,800 characters.

Moral Values and Discipline are the foundation of children’s education

They should be implemented in children’s daily life from an early age. This “ABC Early Childhood Education Book” unite the ABC English alphabet with the sentences of “Di Zi Gui”; hoped that it can be used as a guideline for young children, regardless of whether they are at home, outside, dealing with people, receiving things and learning Moral Values that should be followed.

Most of the content includes filial piety to parents, friendship with brothers, rigorous life, self-discipline and self-respect, hard work and studious. The Traditional Virtues of Chinese Culture are nothing but positive meanings that cannot be ignored in today’s society.