1st Bandhana Time [three-dish meal]


As we look to reduce our reliance on daily consumption of meat and animal products for various reasons… be it health, nutritional, ethical, environmental or otherwise. When it comes to the confinement diet, meat seems to play a major role for mothers after giving birth especially in Chinese culture. As meat is seen as ‘heat’ for the ‘cold’ mother’s body after birth, it can help ‘warm’ the body. Anyhow, the most important factor for postpartum recovery and conditioning is that mothers get all the nutrition and a well-balanced diet.

1st Bandhana Time is a meal package with three vegetarian dishes, created for to give you a taste of our well-balanced confinement food package. Bandhana बन्धन means a bond in Sanskrit, we hope that through our dishes, we’re able to create a wonderful bond with mothers to be and be a small part contributing to your child’s growth journey.

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