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  • Confinement Food Packages

    7-day Mahatma Week [one meal/day]

    Although getting back to shape after childbirth could be a main objective, having nutritious confinement food and staying healthy should be a mother’s utmost priority. Eating right and having a well-balanced confinement meal not only promotes reproductive system recovery but also helps to improve overall health and relax muscle tension.

    Our 7-day Mahatma Week provides you with one vegetarian meal per …

  • Confinement Food Packages

    28-day Budhaveg Complete [two meals/day]

    After experiencing one of life’s most challenging and wonderful experience, mothers lose a significant amount of energy and blood, resulting in a weaker body constitution and thus require immediate replenishment. Many women may think that when it comes to confinement means lots of tonic herbs and meat. While they are meant to help, it’s not true that you can only …